283: Kick the Bucket List

While sitting in a Lulu lemon store waiting for a yoga class my eye caught the bios of the staff and their ten-year goals. I was pretty intrigued to read about how one girl in the first year was going to have vacationed in Thailand, be Padi Certified and completed a 6 week detox. By year 5  she would have travelled to Greece, Iceland and Egypt, completed graduate studies and run a marathon and in 10 years she will be diving ship wrecks all over the world, in a career she loves, camped in every camp site in the world and running 6 days a week plus be blissfully married and have 2 lovely children.

Since we are all doing to die apparently ( except for those that get rebooted into another form) I guess it is good to make use of what little time we have. What is good use though? Is it a list of achievements recorded by camera and then ticked off or is it a life well lived with dignity, grace, love, compassion, service and humility?

So I have decided to abandon my notion of getting to somewhere ( like Greece again) and will now rewrite what I think will be a bucket list worth living.

Firstly some principles to live by daily.

By the end of the day;

bucket listI will have eaten some really good food, mostly plant-based, not too much and when I am hungry

Said something really cool to someone that brings one of those slow quiet smiles to their face and stays with them for at least the rest of the day.

Got rid of my old undies and odd socks, life really is too short to wear bad knickers, and if you did have the wind knocked out of you before the end of the day you could go knowing that your underwear was in order.

Done some exercise that felt good to do, not because I thought  I had to but just because it felt good.

Cooked a really nourishing meal for my family with stuff in the garden.

By the end of the week;

bucket list 2Caught myself making the same old reactive mistakes that I always make, noting it down and trying to be aware of it for next time.

Looked at some disused part of my body that had gone south with amusement

Done something for someone that takes time, patience and thoughtfulness.

Expressed myself creatively and without reserve and be really proud of whatever that looks like

By the end of the year;

bucket list 3Travelled to every part of myself that I don’t like, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Listened to someone speak without trying to get out what I wanted to say, give advice or suggestions

I’ll be kind to others and myself for the greater part of the day

Passed on a skill like gardening, cooking or yoga to someone who really needs it.

Said or done something a little bit out of my comfort zone.

A bucket list can be like this too you see,……….one that benefits you and those around or one that slowly leaks out your potential to be the best you can.

Practice for today: How is it you want to show up like in the world? Start today with small goals even for the next five minutes and work up to the next five years.

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