282: Desparately Seeking the Gold Star

I think I must have had too many star charts in my childhood or maybe none at all because when a big star chart was launched at work my heart skipped a beat. ” Twenty yoga classes in thirty days” was the directive.

20130318_104948[1]Ahhh star chart, I’m going to put my name on it and fill it up. I’m going to have more stars than anyone and I will be admired and people will go’ ohhhhhh look at all those twinkly stars’. Today two weeks on I have only two stars on that chart. Each star is for a yoga practice. I feel down, depressed, even jealous of the other yogis filling up their chart with all that shininess. I now hate the chart. I even consider taking off some of the others’ stars.

We all want the gold star. We want these things, praise, recognition, appreciation and acknowledgement.

What we don’t want is the black cross. Blame, being ignored or not being appreciated.

Every night I wait for my gold star as I present yet another home cooked meal which has taken literally months to get to the table and seconds to demolish. Hold on a minute where is the thanks, appreciation and ohhh ummms? For goodness sake give me my star or I will throw all my toys over your dinner. The star doesn’t come. The meal gets finished and then I literally have to ask for the acknowledgement. Did you enjoy that? Was it nice? ‘Oh yes’, lovely comes the reply. But it’s too late. It’s a late star, I want the early one, I want it now.

Conversely we don’t give them out much either. Have you ever noticed that we are often quick to blame or find fault but pretty slow to praise or acknowledge someone? If you are doing well at work people ( bosses) often forget to mention this. They are just happy you are doing well and probably low maintenance. If you are not doing well you will soon know about it. If you have a cranky customer they will tell you, but a happy one probably not.

To overcome all this we need to do our actions for ourselves to help others. I cook the dinner because I want to not because I want to be put on a pedestal. I do it because I want to help others.

Practice for today: Where is it you seek recognition? Where is it you forget to praise or recognise someone’s  effort. Do something today for the sake of service to yourself and others and then when the time is right hand out a big juicy star to someone who needs it.

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