281: How to Eat like a Yogi

There are many sides to the story of how you should eat if you are a yogi. I would like to tell you my views on how to eat as a yogi would, this yogi, living in New Zealand, not famous rock star animal rights type yogi.

Here are my basic rules of how to eat yoghurt like a yogi or any other food for that matter.

1) Ask yourself, am  I being mindful?
This is a simple practice but difficult to do. When you eat food you should eat it slowly. You are only eating, not watching tv, reading the paper, checking your texts, phoning or driving. This means you actually have to chew. Putting food into your mouth and swallowing on the whole is not good for your digestion unless you are a sea bird. Chewing activates the first port of call for your digestion and breaks down the food so it can be utilised correctly. Standing in front of the fridge or pantry with the door wide open and staring into the void is not mindful, it is mindless, vacant meandering. You will most likely grab something which is not what you need to eat. Think about what  your body needs to be fueled and go from there.

2) Ask yourself where does this food come from and is it in season?

Those slabs of meat in New World Supermarket come from a real animal that has sacrificed it’s life for you. They are not pieces of magic drawn out of a cold store. For the food to get to the supermarket it must pass through many many hands. Knowing this means you should respect that to get to you there has been a lot of work, a lot of service. It’s not magic.

You are more likely to know where your food comes from if you shop locally or you could try to ask someone in the shop. Try not to buy stuff from overseas or what is not in season. We don’t know what is in season because we have too much choice. Just learn what fruit and veges are around now and buy them. It’s cheaper and better for you.

3)Ask yourself, Is this food non-harming?

sausageThe most basic tenant of non-harming or Ahimsa should be practiced. This means the food you choose to eat should be good for you and hopefully non-harming at it’s source. If you eat meat try to buy organic or free farmed, same for eggs and milk. Even though it is more expensive you are better doing this than eating cheap food of an unknown source. Non-harming to you means good for you. When we ingest toxins such as chemicals or fast  food our body goes into protection mode. This in turn has long term serious side effects on our body. If you want to be scared then read this it’s very good. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-8138/is-your-breakfast-killing-you.html

4) Ask yourself, what does my body need now?

The more you practice yoga the better you will become at sensing what your body needs at any given moment. Salad for breakfast, sure? Lunch at 11 am why not. A banana in the middle of the night, no problem. Tune into your body and it will all become so obvious. This ties in with 1 above also.

5) Know what is really naughty. Sugar, Salt, Chemicals and Additives. They will do you no good especially that blue stuff in those power drinks.

Practice for today. Review your pantry and fridge. Go and stock up on great food that you can eat whenever you need it. Get rid of any rubbish, chemicals or processed food or start to cut down on them.

2 Comments on “281: How to Eat like a Yogi

  1. Being mindful is a big thing. As more and more people eat on the run, in front of the a TV or at their desks, appreciating food and being mindful of it becomes rare. I admit I eat at the dinner table only a few times a week.

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