277: The Ridiculous to do List

I’m not sure how this all happened but yesterday I had a ‘to do’ list of epic proportions. I created this list out of my imaginary ‘need to do’ left side brain.

To cut a long story short it culminated in me still stewing apples at 10pm and then deciding that I then needed to make a cake with the stewed apples. I mouthed out loudly that ‘I think I am making things too hard for myself’. Then in the heat I got tired, quickly followed by extremely grumpy. Now it was all on. Was anyone even appreciating this big apple mess? What the hell was I doing? A normal person would go to the shop and buy the stewed apple pie. A normal person would be relaxing, watching a movie, having a drink. A normal person would be in bed reading. I’m not normal it seems.

A ‘to do’ list is a challenge to yourself. This is what  I want to achieve and I am going to feel good by crossing it off. I had a joke with my neighbour  we could short circuit straight to the feel good part by writing down on the list something we had done already and then cross that off. Or even better write down on the list something like ‘eat breakfast’ and cross that off.

It seems we have ( or I have) lost the art of being a human being. It’s all human doing now. Do this, do that, don’t rest cause you are in the human race. Make the list, check it twice and die trying to get to the end of it. The tasks you create for yourself are going to make your life a little more complicated and a little more stressful, especially if you don’t do them.

So in the vein of helping myself out today, I have made my to do list.

1) Teach yoga

2) Do yoga

3) Make dinner.

Practice for today: Make your list, if you must! Then take stuff off it instead of adding to it. What is essential to serve, be happy and feel balanced? What is not necessary? What is just there to make you feel like you are doing what you should? know the difference between the two.

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