276: Into the Looking Glass

My daughter is in her final year of school so there is a lot of studying going on. The other day she had to learn line by line a sonnet from Othello. These mindless tasks often have me ask the question, what are we teaching and what are we learning? How can learning this help you in life? Why are we not teaching our kids about spirituality or knowing yourself?

spiritualitySelf-study or Svadhyaya is one of the cornerstones of leading a more fulfilling life. It is through self-study we learn more about ourselves, our reactive patterns, our conditioning and our aspirations. Through this type of education we can find inspiration, gain perspective and get insight. Through the traditional educational model  only garners information without insight.

How can we study ourselves?

For me it starts with reading and listening widely. Much of what I write about is through research. I read about the lives of others that inspire me. Sometimes it’s as simple as quote, other times its just contemplation about what someone has said to me during the day. I try to pay close attention to how I react to things as well. I try to treat everyone that comes into my world as my teachers.

There is limitless opportunity for self-study. All it requires is some awareness and time.

Below are some spiritual leaders that you may like to investigate more to help you with your journey;  I had a great morning on BestSpirituality reading quotes from them.

Practice for today: Find someone who inspires you for today. How does what they do or say reflect back on your life? Take a moment to find inspiration from them to live your life to your highest potential today.

“The very purpose of spirituality is self-discipline. Rather than criticizing others, we should evaluate and criticize ourselves. Ask yourself, what am I doing about my anger, my attachment, my pride, my jealousy? These are the things we should check in our day to day lives.” — His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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