273: Some helpful Yoga Mumbo Jumbo

Every so often while I’m teaching I’ll throw in a few Sanskrit words to make the students think I know a lot. I also did this when I was a language teacher. It’s my ego enhancing technique. Get one up on your yoga teacher by knowing what they are on about with these top ten must know words for the yoga class.

1) Ujjayi: A sound made while breathing by constricting the vocal chords. When you make this sound people will think you are Darth Vader. They will probably be a bit frightened if it’s their first class.

2) Bandha: Locks. There are two main ones Mula bandha; when you put this lock on it feels like you want to stop yourself doing number twos for blokes, and number ones for chicks. Uddiyana bandha is the belly lock, when you apply this it’s like you are trying to hold your belly in while walking down the beach. Also best to do this while holding your breath. Just think butt and belly lock.

3) Drishti: This is the focus of your eyes, where you are looking. Think Blue Steel eyes. Like a laser beam. Two eyes become one.

4) Asana: This is the pose you are in. The posture.  Love the posture, love the pose, kiss the asana.

5) Sthira and Sukha: Steadiness and ease. The teacher will say find Sthira in the pose ( be connected and strong) and at the same time find Sukha ( ease). If you smile while in pain, you will find the joy, for sure.

6) Vinyasa: A bunch of poses thrown together often connected with high to low push up plus up dog, down dog. If you hear the words skip the Vinyasa, just go to down dog and let all the other A type personalities sweat it out amongst themselves.

mudra7) Mudra: Means a seal  of energy with various parts of your body. Most common is thumb to first finger.  If you want to look cool before class starts do a mudra.

8) Namaste: The sweet and divine light which shines in you also shines in me. We are all connected through this one light. Don’t let the Namaste shine out of our Mula Bandha.

9) Chuturanga: This is the low push up position.  It’s a good time to take a drink or readjust your wardrobe

10) Ommm: The sound you make at the beginning or end of class. It should sound like the universe is being created but often doesn’t. Try to stamp your mark on your own ommmmss dare to be different.

Today’s practice: Learn not to take yourself too seriously especially in your yoga class.

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