272: Slap and Tickle

This morning I read about a guy who had hired a professional ‘slapper’ off Craig’s list. Her job was to sit next to him and in a very zen like way slap him each time he got distracted from his writing task. He often got drawn away into Facebook or twitter, but found with his slapper by his side he was four times more productive.

I contemplated this when I woke up to a horrendous cold.
 Better get up (slap), better make the lunches (slap), got to teach yoga  (slap slap slap), I’m not meant to even be sick for goodness sake I’m a yoga teacher ( double slap).
sick dogBy the time my eight year old came in I was psychologically black and blue. 
 ‘Mummy what’s wrong you look terrible you need to go to bed?’ ( tickle). Me… ‘objection’, him ‘no you can get someone else to teach for you’  (another tickle). Then I just softened. How can it be a small thing like that can be so right. The wisdom of it all made me lash out with one last slap on my third eye, just to shut me up.
So I got someone to teach, got someone to take him to school got someone to do everything and then collapsed.
 Some of us need slappers in our life, some of us ticklers. This can also change from a day-to-day basis.
 Yoga often talks about being kind to yourself. This practice is referred to as Ahimsa. It is not unlike the Hippocratic oath: First do no harm. Go slowly, respect your body’s limits and listen to your ( or someone elses) innate wisdom.
Practice for today: Give yourself a break somewhere along the day. A little tickle to spark up your inherent kindness to you and those around you.

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