263: Hurry Up to Slow Down

It’s 7.29 am and I’m pacing up and down. We have to leave at 7:30am to get to class on time but my daughter is taking her time. I’m trying to be patient, not rush things here but my patience is just a thin veil over my frustration. I’m not patient at all, I want to hurry I want to be on time.

I have been on time all my life, probably earlier than that and that has caused me stress mostly as I race to beat the clock and try to juggle a family who operate in a different time zone to me.  I blame it on my Father who spent most of his life in the car with the engine running to hurry us up lest we die of CO2 poisoning.

I see it in the yoga class this morning also. The students rushing to get to the next pose as if the pose they are in is not the right one so they better get to the next. I saw it on the way to class when someone drove up behind me at a thousand miles an hour, undertook me and then braked to stop a couple of meters on at the red light.

Then there is the opposite. I have a friend who told me that when she has two minutes to spare before picking up the kids she will go grocery shopping,  which then takes half an hour making her constantly late.

Living at either end of the speed Cline is stressful mostly. Either way we are trying to jam too much in or get to some imaginary finish line that keeps moving away.

If we look to nature we see it moves at its own pace. Here in New Zealand the leaves are starting to turn on their bright autumn colors, they will fall when they are ready. They have no concern with time but are moving at an internal rhythm in the current of life. If we adopt this pace then we will get there in the end, as sure as the next season.

relaxHere are some tips to slow down your life if you feel it is passing in a blur; From Rest and Renew, Judith Hanson Lasater.

  • Drive within the speed limit, especially if you are in a hurry.
  • If you find yourself really rushing, out of breath and stressed, ask yourself ‘ will it matter if I’m a few minutes late?’
  • If you feel yourself pushing and burning the candle at both ends, ask yourself, ‘will this matter in one year?’
  • Notice how often you say ‘hurry up.’
  • Take a walk with a child and walk at their pace, not yours.
  • Agree to meet someone between two times say 1-1:30
  • Take a nap or lie on the couch and do nothing for five minutes a day

Practice for today: Remember if you do have everything finished you are probably dead, enjoy life at the speed of life today.


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