262: The Generosity of Kate

Having finally found a home for my he/she rooster I set off on the long winding drive up the coast to deliver him. That is where I met Kate.

greg[2]Kate lives in the middle of no where in a place that is hard to find, up a gravel pot holed road and in a wee house. Kate looks after animals that humans have decided they can’t be bothered with for one reason or another. There were the vivisection beagles, 50 roosters, geese, pigs and goats in their high-heeled shoes. We released Greg in the orchard and said our goodbyes.

Kate looks after all these animals. She gets funding from various people including those who sponsor some of the animals. When I offered my donation she said ‘no it’s ok’ and then ‘oh sorry I’m meant to stop saying no to people’s money’. She looks after the lost, injured and homeless for pretty much nothing I suspect. This love is generosity of the highest.

True generosity is a little hard to find. It is the type of  giving where you give more than you have and you do it with grace. You don’t expect anything.

Sometimes when we give to others  there may something behind it, maybe we expect something similar in return.

I read  in America they have cafes where you can go and buy a coffee  for yourself and one called a ‘deferred’. A deferred means that if you  can’t afford a coffee  you can ask if there are any ‘deferred’ coffees and get a warm drink for free. A true pay it forward.

I believe generosity is the highest form of service. Give without expecting, give to help people remember love, give time and help where needed and do it with gratitude.

Practice for today: Where can you be truly generous today? In your family? In your community? Where can you be like Kate?

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