259: Detox from the Inside out

Yesterday I taught a detox yoga class, lots of twists to wring and soak the organs. People love the idea of de-toxing especially when it is to do with the body. I personally believe that the body is so intelligent that it knows how to get rid of foreign matter that doesn’t suit it as long as you don’t insult it for years and years on end. De-toxing in a physical sense can have some benefits but what about de-toxing other parts of your life?

Here is my list of some areas to consider that might need a bit of a spring clean:

Relationships: People are energy and if we surround ourselves with negative energy it will wear away at us. Sometimes it is more beneficial to let a long-term relationship slide into the past if it is a cause of friction or poison. One of my students commented that he was much happier once he had weeded out the people in his business that were a drain of energy. Even though this can be a bit scary, he told me that once they had left his life they were replaced by others and so now he is much happier.

detox 2Thoughts: Negative or repetitive thoughts are a toxin to the body. They are a cause of stress and the effects of stress on our body are numerous. It’s no use doing a juice detox and a twisting class  if you are holding negative thoughts about yourself or others. Consider what thoughts you would like to rid yourself of. Where would you be without them?

Surroundings: Surround yourself by beautiful things. If there is something in your house that needs to go get rid of it. If the TV is blaring all the time, turn it off and also consider the radio and news a source of negativity. Choose what you watch and listen to carefully. I stopped listening to the news about two years ago and feel strangely better for it.

Habits: Consider letting go of one habit that you have just for the sake of it. If it no longer serves you and makes you feel not so good about your life, it is time to say goodbye.

Practice for today: Think about areas in your life you need to do a spiritual spring clean. Choose what energy you want in your day and chase that. Good luck.

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