257: Something to Think about if you are a Little Down or Anxious

Yesterday I got anxious AND depressed pretty much at the same time. My business seems to not be doing so well, so I was dwelling on that (depressed) and I was about to teach a course ( anxious). Luckily I only spent a wee portion or my day being like that. A few reality checks from my partner snapped me back.

Being depressed means you are living in the past. You are upset about what has happened or gone before you.

Being anxious means you are living in the future. You are worried about something that hasn’t happened yet.

mind thoughtsBeing neither means you are living in the present. You are engaged with what is happening right now.

What has happened in the past cannot be changed and has finished, so probably it is a good idea to note that.

What is going to happen in the future is unpredictable and we actually have no way of telling how it will be. You could note that down as well.

If you understand these two points then you can look at your anxiety or depression a little closer and realise that the source has either finished or quite likely not going to happen.

And if this still doesn’t help you can remember these famous words

Suffering is optional

Practice for today: If you feel the world has conspired against you, if you feel down, if you feel worried about a future happening remember you can change that by bringing your vision back to what is right before you now.


2 Comments on “257: Something to Think about if you are a Little Down or Anxious

  1. I’ve never had the terms ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’ expressed so succinctly. It’s a nice way to think of it – living in the past or future, rather than in the now. I like.

    • thank you for your feedback and kind words, thanks for stopping by, I Hope this is of help to you as you go through your days, best to you

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