254: Inspiration in the Perspiration

hot yogaMonday morning and I’m sure there are a few dragging their heels not kicking and bouncing to ‘another week’ of work. Not me I’m sickeningly enthusiastic. I’m up, I’m racing to get to the studio for a shot of inspiration while spritzing myself in perspiration.

Inspiration is the most essential thing to fire you up and to get you moving. Inspiration helps you be focused and clear on your goals. It takes you to the next level of where you need to go. As a yoga teacher if I didn’t spend a part of my day looking for inspiration from others I’m sure I would stagnate. Being a good teacher in any shape or form is the ability to inspire others. However if  you can’t inspire yourself then you can’t inspire others.

Reading and listening to others is a good way to get some juice to fire you up. However to be really inspired you need to participate. An idea to be inspired is just that, an idea and ideas are very transitory. Getting down and doing whatever it is will put your thoughts into context. If we practice what inspires us then we really embody the experience.

The highest compliment I can receive  is when someone comes to me and is inspired to take yoga further. My high points of my day are when I come away really thinking about how I can share what I know to others. If you are in a place where you can inspire someone then helping them will fire you up also.

When I am inspired and acting from that which I am really connected to, I am contented, present and there is no time.

When I am not inspired I am slow, lacking and dull.

Your life is your message to the world. Why not make it a song of inspiration?

Practice for today. Who or what inspires you? If you haven’t found a teacher or someone who inspires you to be the best you can please keep searching. It’s a vital step in waking up. If you are able to help someone in your work today to feel inspired go for it, by sharing in this way you pass on all the fabulous goodness down the line to be shared over and over again.

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