252: What’s your Excuse

Sometimes the universe gets bored and playful and decides to throw all its toys your way to see how you will react. As well as my hundred other tasks today I have to present a 5 hour lecture on TESOL teaching until my eyeballs detach from their retina at approximately 10.30pm ( I’m tired stressed, overworked and hungry).
I don’t have time to write this blog, (I am out of control and I am anxious).
We are always ‘something’.
We tell ourselves this by stating ‘I am plus adjective’
universe 2Being ‘something’ is a jolly good excuse to not face up to the curve ball that is now hurtling your way threatening to take out all your skittles.
When I was on my teacher training these things struck me.
When I was aching all over in my body, I mean not just a wee sensation, bone dragging lead weight muscles threatening to tear the whole fabric of my skin apart, we were asked to do one more back bend. These backbends are difficult (I am unable), they are frightening, (I am scared) they are painful, (I am in pain already) they are courageous, (I’m a little bit pathetic weakling), they are energetic (I am tired and I am going home now). The question to do one more was simply out of the question. No No No, I am too many adjectives to even think about it, go away and take your 25th backbend with you.
So what do you do with the statement ‘you may think you are all of these things but you are not’? ‘You have the energy, you have the courage, you have the strength and power, now go for it’. Well what do you know, suddenly you are not longer any of those adjectives you are something else.
And you pop out another five without even blinking an eye lid.
And you see that you are not those things you think you are.
And you learn something more about yourself.
Practice for today: We have all our excuses lined up like skittles. Take them out yourself one by one until you see that you are none of those things. Game on!

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