253: A little Pain a Lot to Gain

Clearing out my attic was a job. It was bulging with unwanted stuff that had been shoved there. This was mixed with small insects and webs and the whole scene was one of utter dismay.
Our bodies can be a bit like an attic. We can shove things down into it and hope they don’t make a grand appearance. We can keep shoving until it is full and then without warning the whole lot can spew forth just when we least expect it.
Our body is affected by our actions and thoughts. Some of these thoughts and actions are painful. When we experience something that we don’t want to deal with or don’t know how to deal with we go into storage mode. We can store pain deeply in our physical, emotional and energetic body. Pain of any type can be a teacher, a signal to look and explore and to learn more about what makes us tick.
This week I met people who experienced each of the above. A work colleague who has gone on stress leave from overwork and not finding any balance in his life, a student whose body was wracked with pain for issues that she cited as emotional and a neighbour who was having trouble getting on top of things. Tears, joint stiffness and stress were their teachers.
warrior oneWe all suffer pain in some way each day. Life is messy and unpredictable.
When I was on a teacher training course we were taught to go to the source of the pain, be it physical, emotional or energetic. Once we arrived at the source we were taught to look at it squarely, the shape and color the feeling of what was being shown to us. By examining our blocks like this we can see it for what it really is. When we see something for what it really is we can work with it. When we work with it we heal.
Instead of nursing the sore shoulder we examine the sensations of the pain, instead of feeling sad we look at what shape that sadness is, what form it takes, instead of feeling lethargic and not getting up we try to understand why we are holding back.
Every day is an opportunity to look more closely at our dark and bright side. Under the brightest lights are always the darkest depths and as my yoga teacher put it so nicely in class today, the cave you least want to enter is the one with the brightest jewels.
Practice for today: If you feel some pain of any type today, this week, take a warrior pose and face it head on. Watch it dissipate, for you this will be easy.

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