251: Smile on the Dial

I have a social responsibility each day to take my dog for a walk. This is not for the dog’s sake so much as for the people. She has as knack of making people smile widely, she looks a little cartoon like and could easily be a character from a children’s book. It’s quite difficult to stay grumpy if you smile, it’s an oxymoron, just like my dog and I.

When I teach yoga I see what I call the ‘yoga face’. The yoga face is a contortion of all your worldly dramas brought out in one particular pose. It is the face that you have when it all gets too much for you. You see the ‘yoga face’ in the studio and you see it in the street. Faces held down and tied in place.

Smiling has many benefits though. Here are some just to name a few;

A study has shown that woman are found more attractive when they smile as compared to when they wear makeup and don’t smile. Wooohooo!

As you are seen as more attractive it follows that you will be seen as more confident and therefore get promoted more often than your non smiling counterparts.

When you smile you relax and this contributes to a healthier immune system, and as more endorphins are released into your body your stress levels will go down

Smiles are contagious.

Smiles can lead to laughter which is the highest form of pranayama ( breathe exercise) that you can do.

Practice for today: Find an unexpected way to make someone smile sincerely, not that tight social smile but that big warm type. If you can’t find anything for yourself watch the video below. It made me smile all over.

2 Comments on “251: Smile on the Dial

  1. Hi gabby
    Have shared this video/smile with a few people… Has really made my day! Thanks for sharing… Iove your blogs

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