249: A beautiful Mind

This week I’m being met with a lot of blank faces. I’m teaching students to be English teachers and a lot of the information they get is new to them. They are beginners.

When you are a beginner at something you have some special qualities. You see only the good, you are enthusiastic, you are non-judgemental and as you have no idea what is coming next you just accept everything as it comes to you.

The expert mind is the opposite. It judges, it knows what is coming, the expert mind knows all and it sifts and sorts everything as being either agreeable or disagreeable.

mindThe beginner’s mind is open. The expert mind is contracted.

When I teach yoga I sometimes throw in something that is a little unexpected. The beginners are with you, the people who have been coming a while throw themselves into what they thing should be coming next. When you think you know what is coming  you go into auto pilot. When you are on auto pilot you lose the beauty of each moment.

Do you really know what is coming next in your life? Do you really know what someone is going to say or do next? Are you really an expert?

I think the loveliest people go through their whole life ‘not knowing’. They study and keep learning. They accept everything as a possibility. Once you think you know it, then you start to close off to others.

Practice for today: Look at what is around as if for the first time. What would you say and do differently? How can you use the beginner’s mind to grow and learn about what and who is around you?



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