247: Bright Star

How do you think your life would be if everything you said and did was  ‘enough?’ Not crap, not terrible, not useless, but good…… enough.

Where would you be if you bright starbelieved that deep down you are bright, you do know enough, you can do it, you are not a failure?

How would it be to live your life realising that the other person is not better than you, they don’t know more than you, they are not better looking than you, they are just them, and you are just you?

What would it mean to get up each morning and put aside the self-doubt, wrap it tightly and stuff it away in the drawer with your mismatched socks, then open the next drawer down and pull out beauty, knowledge  and positive well being for yourself and then wear that to work?

Being a yoga teacher is sometimes hard. It asks you to stand up day after day in front of those who need to be there, those who are bright and glowing, those who are fit and eager. We stand up in front of those who ‘know better’ who have practiced longer. Somewhere amongst all this brightness you can feel a little dim, a little, not quite good enough.

As my yoga friend said today. If you won a million dollars you would be happy, if you won $75k you would still be happy, even though it is not the bigger brighter number, it is enough.

Practice for today. Recognise that what you are is enough. You have enough of what you need to do what you need to do. So go on and do it. Be a bright enough star to still shine.

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