246: Break Dance or Break Down?

I watched with mild amusement today as a wee one had a full on tantrum, throwing limbs and arms, wide mouth and red-faced, on the ground, like a beetle that couldn’t get up. I know that feeling.

I want to have that tantrum, when I get really wild I would like to do what the child did. Somehow though I think people would laugh at me as I thrashed on the floor which would ameliorate the effect I was after.

Soon the child was handed a biscuit and the mood vanished. Vamoofffff….

angryUs adults though, we are a lot more clever and sophisticated with our bad moods. We get it, stew it then stuff it. And then we do it again ( the stewing and stuffing) and then again. Then one day instead of having a break dance we have a break down of grand proportion.

Sometimes people do or say things and we are not quite sure what to do with what they have said or done. So instead of just facing it as it is, we store it away. I have lost two friendships this way. I, the tantrum inducer, have said or done something that has offended someone so much that they just stopped being my friend. The problem with this is I have no idea quite what I did. I just went on my merry way until it became obvious I had induced an internal break dance in them about 6 months later.

We don’t mean to hurt people by our words or actions. We essentially feel we are good people, kind people. We want others to like us and mostly we don’t want to offend.

There are two things that you can do when people hurt you with their words or actions. You can do a little arm flapping and get to the bottom of it. Or you can cut straight to the biscuit and realise not everyone is perfect, especially the people you love the most.

Practice for today: Watch how you react to others words and actions. Those that stir you are your personal blind spot and are there to teach you something about yourself. Don’t stuff it down. Set it free with the tea ( and biccy).

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