244: Leap of Faith

Do you know where your power lies? Have you ever been called upon to step into your strength to get through? Have you ever wondered if you could do something that you have never attempted? Maybe fear holds you back from going to where you want to go?

hanumanThese are the guiding questions asked of Hanuman the monkey-god when he was called to make a leap of faith. His task was to rescue the wife of Rama, the beautiful Sita. However to make this bold rescue he had to leap from the Southern tip of India to the island of Lanka in a single bound. Hanuman was unaware of his power as he had had a spell put on him when he was younger. As he was a mischievous little monkey one of the sages declared that he would not recognise his own power, he would not be aware that he was the product of the Vayu the Hindu god of the wind and the beautiful Anjana. He did not know that he had the strength within him to leap the gap fueled by the air and lightness of his father.

With a little encouragement he made the leap. The other monkeys believed in him and told him he could do it. With this new-found courage he exceeded his own belief in himself. He had stepped into his power at last.

Sometimes we have situations that confront us that we don’t know how to handle. We don’t have the courage because we are unaware of what lies inside us. We have not tapped into our fearlessness and strength. What we need is the courage and once we have tried or begun our journey then we become knowing and a bit wiser and can carry on. We have lost our sensitivity to our true nature, our true strength.

We are often required to take a leap of faith. Our path is not always well-lit, we can’t always see where we are going, we are not always going to feel able to carry on.

Practice for today: If you feel doubt in yourself, think of Hanuman. He was the deity who didn’t know his power until he was encouraged. Encourage yourself to take that leap. ‘We are all little monkeys on the same path, notice what is alive in you so you can be the best version of yourself today’.

The yoga pose Hanumanasana is the splits. Story inspired by Nico Luce with quotes from his yoga class ‘Leap of Faith’.

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