242: What are you doing here Anyway?

When our life is aligned like our bodies, everything flows smoothly. When we are living out our purpose life’s jagged edges smooth themselves out without us even trying. Do you know why you are here on this earth? Do you understand that each of us is here for a reason and that out life’s purpose is to find that out so we can live peacefully?

I have spent a good deal of my life with what I would term struggling. Life seemed difficult mostly, I would flit from job to job, never feel settled and always run to the letterbox hoping there was something there for me that would tell me that I had won the jackpot of life. The letter arrived one day when I discovered that I am here to teach yoga and I am here to learn about myself and therefore help others learn about themselves also. The yogis refer to this as dharma. Dharma is your purpose for being herpurposee. When you are aligned with your purpose you will find peace. How do you know that you have found that? You stop struggling.

However most people forget to even ask this question, ‘what am I doing here?’. They spend their lives trying to fulfill someone elses’ expectation of them. They spend their life caught up in the thought that they have to be someone else or be something else other that what they are. Michael Angelo put it nicely when he said that each block of marble already had a statue inside it. His job was to uncover that by slowly chipping away at the debris.

So we can live like this also. Slowly chip away at the external influences, drop the pretenses, shed others expectations and find out our purpose. What if I told you that you already have everything you need to fulfill your purpose to the highest? Would you stop pretending and start living fully in your life, whatever your purpose is?

It may not come today, or tomorrow, I was 47 before I discovered mine, so keep looking, keep chipping. Your life is very, very short so try not to waste it on that which you are not here for.

Practice for today. Your talent is just a little below the surface. You don’t need to change to uncover it you just need to take some time. What is it you are good at? What do you enjoy? What makes you happy? Have the courage to move in that direction as soon as you can so you can make a difference.

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