240: Buddha in my Belly

I love the story of how Pope John Paul while lying in bed at night mulling over his problems thinks, ‘I wish I could talk to the Pope about my worries’ and then he remembers he is the Pope. It’s a lovely way to remind ourselves that actually, what we need to know is within us already.

But what is in us exactly? What is this thing or aspect of us that is unchanging, our Buddha nature, our intuition or higher self?

monks 1As we look in the mirror we will notice some changing aspects of ourselves. Maybe a new line, a gray hair, or a new bit of drama on your face. However when you look and see you have aged a bit here and there do you still feel the same? I do. I still feel like a little kid or an adventurous teenager, I can sense there is  a part of me that hasn’t changed along with my hair, wrinkles or drama. So could it be possible for you also, that you have a Buddha nature, something buried in your belly that you just forgot was there?

Call it what you like, spirit, soul, Buddha nature but I believe we all have it. The problem is we forget about our inside when we are busy rearranging all the externals. We are trying to remember our pin number and our Buddha nature gets forgotten about.

When monks first enter the monastic life before their initiation they are given the task to meditate on themselves. They are asked to do inquiry. They meditate on their skin, eyes, teeth and bones and ask themselves ‘ is this what I am?’

Practice for today: Keep in mind that you have a lot to juggle but somewhere in your busy day take a moment to feel your Buddha belly, and ask yourself like the great Peggy Lee, ‘Is that all there is?’. I hope you find the answer is no.

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