239: Light as a Feather

I’m not sure how you walk through your day each day. Maybe some days you feel a little heavy and slow and others much lighter with a spring in your step. In yoga we refer to this energy as Tomasic ( slow or heavy) and Rajasic ( light or full of energy).

river crossingThere is a tale about two monks who come up to a river and see a woman standing at one edge of the bank. The woman needs help crossing and so one of the monks picks her up and carries her over the water. About half an hour later as the monks carry on up the path one of them turns to the other and says, ‘you know we are not meant to carry woman, I’m not sure why you did that?’. The carrier replies, yes my friend, I carried her across the water but I put her down on the other side, you are still carrying her.

This story is a reminder of how we can go through our life carrying things that we don’t need to. The more we carry the heavier we become and the less able we are to live fully or with a deeper purpose. To live lightly we need to put down the things that we hold that no longer serve us, rather like putting down all your groceries so you can open the door.

If we do have something that we keep revisiting, keep telling others about, keep moaning or complaining or gossiping about, this is a sign we have burdened ourselves. It won’t lighten our load to keep talking about it with others or keep playing it around and around and around like an old record. If we find ourselves in this situation it is a message that we have something to learn about ourselves, it is a teacher.

Practice for today: If you find yourself revisiting something again in your mind or  projecting it outwards, stop for a moment and ask yourself; how does this benefit me? How can I make myself lighter this day? What can you leave on the banks of the river of your life?


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