238: Attention to the Intention

We often have thoughts about changing some aspect of our lives to make us ‘better people’. Maybe we want to lose weight, give up smoking, be a better parent or my personal favourite to jump back from crow pose to chuturanga. I know when I can do this I will be a much happier and better person and contribute to the world in a much more worthwhile way.

chuturanga 2Setting an intention is the first stage to change. An intention or  Sankalpa is the path that leads the way to change or betterment. Just as I would take time to set a beautiful table for dinner, setting an intention can affect the outcome.

However even though this is the first stage to change it is not enough to cause it. An intention works best if it is in line with our values not our desired outcome. And this ladies and gentlemen is why I still haven’t succeeded in jumping back from crow pose. I only really want to do it to look good and keep up with the rest of the class. My desperate attempts have caused me both physical and psychological damage. If I were to bring my intention more in line with my values such as ‘finally succeeding in this pose I will be able to share with students the journey and the struggle that it takes to get somewhere’ might stand me a better chance of success as opposed to’ I want to look hot’.

Practice for today: If you want to bring some good change to your life try setting an intention for the day. State it in the positive ie, I am or I will, or by doing x I will. Align the intention with the value that you want to bring out today such as being a better listener or parent, being more organised or giving up something that no longer serves you. Write it down and tell the universe.

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