237: What are you arguing About?

‘Why don’t you slow down?’ I muttered driving home one night to which I got the all time favourite reply ‘Do you want to drive this car?’

‘Of course I don’t want to drive the car, I just want to sit here and tell you how to do it’ was my great come back. Luckily I’m so witty or a perfectly great night out could have turned down a back alley.

They say there are only two things that we argue about, who is in control and how much do you love me. I’m guilty of both, often. I usually want to be in control of events, it makes me feel like life is right, easy and how I like it. I can also be a victim of doubting how much someone loves me.

higher selfTake this example.

‘Are you listening to me?’

‘yes of course’

‘well why aren’t you looking at me?’

‘well I can still listen and look elsewhere’

‘really because it seems that you aren’t really listening’ ( read love me enough to look at me when I talk)

When we don’t feel like we are in control or not loved enough we can slip into our lower self. Our lower self is the unloved, abandoned, guilty, shamed, UN-powerful, UN-trusted ( insert any adjective here) little me. We can readily slip into our lower self when are not connected to something a little higher than are our needs being met, right here, right now. We can slide downhill to our lower self when we forget to trust, we can go there when we let our past well up and take hold.

Practice for today: When you feel an issue arise that negates either your power or love then it’s time to step into something a lot more powerful than that down hill snake on the snakes and ladders board. Ask yourself, am I acting out of the fear of not being in control or not being loved enough? Take the ladder to your higher self. Play it big.

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