231: Learning to Share

Today before yoga class I was talking with my friend about a group page for yoga teachers to share their ideas amongst the yoga community. I commented that ‘not everyone wants to share’ and she responded, ‘that’s stupid, why wouldn’t people want to help others be the best they can.’ So that is my question today to you, why don’t we always want to share and help others be the best version of themselves that they can?

tamarillo[1]Sharing can present itself in many ways, through giving, through touch, through thoughts, through time, through helping, through gardening. In fact my neighbour and I have a couple of tamarillo trees that we share, it’s had a bumper crop, all that shared loved. Neither of us have picked any though, too polite! But the red fruit is a daily reminder of what we can achieve if we share what we have.

Do you ever get the feeling that some of us want to share and some don’t though? I do. Sometimes I’m the one that thinks I don’t want to share myself. Why should I give away all my knowledge and time to help someone? If I did that then that person might become better than me, or have more than me or be more popular or look better. These funny little backward low life niggles can attack any of us at any moment. Maybe you don’t want to spend time with someone patiently explaining how to do it again, maybe you don’t want to lend you power tools/lipstick/spangley top. Maybe you just want to keep it all for yourself.

Having these feelings are a form of contraction and fear. We want to keep what is ours for us just in case. We feel we may not be able to spare our time or money or knowledge, just in case. Just in case there is not enough for me. However when we share we give others permission to do the same. We can take the fear out of not having enough for ourselves. To be really blunt now when you die it all goes to someone else so you may as well start giving it now.

Practice for today: If you feel a constriction around sharing what you have remember the abundance of the tamarillo tree, grown from love and watered with generosity. Its fecundity is an example of what can happen when we open to giving and help those around us be the best that they can.

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