232: Just what I needed.

One of the nicest and most familiar comments I get from students at the end of a yoga class is ‘that’s just what I needed.’ I love to hear this because it tells me that the student has connected to whatever it is they need to bring balance into their life.

We can easily become off-balance. The changing seasons, a diet that doesn’t nourish us, too much stress, negativity or inertia can throw us off the maypole. Instead of swinging round to a nice steady rhythm the dance becomes hectic and out of control or slows to the point of stopping.

needThe question to ask yourself  is, what is it you need? What is necessary to bring balance to your life? How can you take the spikes out of your energetic, nervous, physiological and psychological system? Too much energy one way can make us off kilter, airy anxious and too light while too little energy can make us feel depressed, sluggish and heavy. The problem with humans today is they have forgotten how to regulate what they want with what they need. However it is not difficult to assess what your needs are if you are open to listening to yourself and your body.

If you feel that life is not quite balanced or you feel a struggle with some parts of it you can’t resolve easily, you might like to examine what your  diet consists of? What you reach for to eat is not always going to be a mindful decision. I have a tendency to under eat or forget to eat properly if my day is busy. I have to remind myself to have regular meals and nutritious snacks. I respond well to food that is warm and nourishing but you may actually need something cold and crunchy at the moment of craving. Is it chocolate or coffee you need to balance yourself or is it just something you want?

At this time of the year approaching winter your energy levels may flag. The body can become sluggish and we feel the need to over sleep or become more inactive. What would balance this sleepy energy for you? What we crave is often the exact opposite of what we need, so although you may feel like lying down with a book maybe a brisk walk outside will revitalize you?

Maybe you often feel tearful or angry, overexcited or up and down continually? Extremes of emotions are a sure sign you are not getting what you need.

You can develop an intuition for your body. The body is self-regulating and intelligent and by taking some time to ask yourself what is it you  need physically, mentally or emotionally then that will soon become what you want also.

Practice for today: If you feel out of balance  what can you do to counter this? Be really honest in your assessment and ask people in your life for what you need if necessary. If you nurture yourself then you will have more energy to serve those around you in a better way. The planet needs more people who are in balance with themselves and the rhythm of life.

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