229: Mind Food

I do know quite how it happened yesterday but I ended up buying $83  worth of dietary supplements, plus some magnesium because I was convinced by the shop assistant I needed it. There was a moment of ‘feel good’ in that oh yes, finally I would be feeding my body every vitamin and mineral I ever needed in one easy drink. I never buy stuff like that as I think you can get all you need if you eat wisely and well but it made me think, just what are we putting into our bodies?

2The food thing is easy, you can see it, it has a shape, a nutritional factor, a colour and a taste. We have a pretty good idea when it comes to our physical body. But what are we feeding other parts of us? Just as the slimming ads guarantee us ‘lose 10 pounds instantly’, wouldn’t it be nice to see ads ‘lose 10 pounds of emotional baggage right now?’

Here are some of the daily messages we can feed ourselves;

I’m too fat/thin/ unfit/ inflexible/ lazy/ old/ depressed/tired/ bored.

I can’t do it/ there is no point in trying/ I’m too old for that/ I might give up/  it’s not working

That person is not very good/ rude/ unthoughtful/ selfish/ inconsiderate/ a dick

Why can’t you just hurry up/ get it finished/be more on time/ be more thoughtful/ at least try for gods sake/ stop whining ( these can be to ourselves but we like to reserve these for the people we love the most)

That’s ridiculous/ I’m ridiculous/ Why did I say that/ What did I do that for?

And on it goes stuffing our faces with all those unwanted calories.

Ive come up with a better way to remind ourselves about healthy mind food.

Remember when you learnt to ride a bike and your parents would run along side you and cheer you on,’ go on you can do it, that’s right!, excellent, amazing, try again!’ Like a running bundle of side cheer we can be this to ourselves. Imagine running besides yourself and feeding yourself what others would have fed you when they truly believed in you and wanted you to succeed. This is what we need to feed ourselves.

Practice for today: Get on your bike and start peddling. Become your own personal cheerleader for greatness and feed your mind and your soul in the same way you would fuel your body. With Love. And once you’ve finished with yourself start on others.

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