230: Doing the Practices

Well by my calculation I have written 134 practices for anyone to take up on. I hope that you have found them helpful to living.

There are millions of practices out there and the trick is to find the one that suits you. Reading about them gives us a feel good feeling, it’s nice to know that others share our doubts or have similar troubles and it’s refreshing to think there may be some solutions to help us. The term practice though, is exactly that and it really doesn’t work if you only read about it and don’t practice it. Like giving up something or trying to change something you can read about it till the cows come home but that won’t change a thing for you. You have to do the hard work. It’s not easy and there are no promises and you may fail, but you certainly won’t grow or change unless you try.

sitSo what is your daily practice? Do you have something that you do on a regular basis for self-study or growth? Are you committed to it or are you playing tourist with it. Without making a firm commitment your practice won’t develop at all.

If you don’t have a daily practice of sorts here are some suggestions or ideas. Try to do them once a day for at least 90 days so habits can be formed. It’s also best to do them on rising otherwise your day will take over and then you will feel the pressure all day if you haven’t achieved your goal.

Sitting: Sitting with closed eyes and an elegant spine on the floor with your legs crossed for five minutes. Watch what happens like a keen observer. Watch your breathing and your thoughts.

Being still: Either lying or standing be as still as you can. Do nothing, don’t read or watch tv. See what arises for you when you try to be still.

Slow down: Slow down your breathing, your actions, your talking, your walking and driving. What effect does doing everything 20% slower have on you?

Eat mindfully: Choose one meal where you eat to really taste and see. Take it slowly chew it well.

Write: Have a diary to write your thoughts, ideas, moods, events. Use it as self-study to get to know yourself a bit better.

Walking meditation: Walk slowly and purposefully. Feel each foot touch the ground. Don’t be in a hurry to get to your destination, if walking bare feet is ok take your shoes off and feel the earth.

Read: Devour books and articles on topics that interest you or take the time to find a new one. Choose the topics that will help you understand your nature better.

Listen: Take time to listen to someone or something without feeling the need to change anything or add anything to their dialogue.

Note: How often you talk to yourself if a negative way

Yoga: Pick one pose and do that. Choose something to balance your mood and the time of day. If you don’t know what to do lie on your back and rest in savasanna.

Practice for today: Make a practice you can stick to for a short time. Reflect how it benefits you and how you feel after each practice. Remember it’s a practice it doesn’t need to be perfect.

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