228: A Five minute Technique for Riding your Personal Storms

Do you ever get that feeling that you are out of control or your emotions are taking over your life? I do. Do you get the feeling sometimes that keep bumping up against emotional areas of your life that you can’t seem to get away from? I do.

Here is a simple technique from Stephen Cope who is the director of the Kripalau Institute.

Riding the Wave – B.R.F.W.G. Follow these steps when the storm hits.

Step one: Breathe. Breathe deeply and fully into your belly. Your belly will rise on the inhale and lower on the exhale ( diaphragmatic breathing). This is powerful at breaking the emotional tapes or thought loops. It allows you to soften a bit so you can do the next steps.

Step two: Relax.wave Actively and consciously relax your muscles. When you are upset your muscles go into a hyper active state. Have a scan of your body. Where are you holding tension?

Step three: Feel. Do an active investigation of the feeling in your body. Where is this feeling arising, in the gut in the jaw? Where do you think this emotion is based.

Step four: Watch. In yoga this is called being the witness. It doesn’t mean you step outside your body but you are like the over seer of it. Have a sense or feeling that you are watching this wave arise but you are now just witnessing it. The witness is the part of the mind that is present without reactivity. So you can see what you are feeling but you are not that feeling.

Step five: Allow. Allow it to be exactly what it is. The grief, anger or confusion, the doubt or fear. If you allow the feeling and be present to it, it will crash open like a wave and pass through you. You will come to the other side. You may have insight at this point, like an aha moment. You will see what it is that you are really feeling, fearing or doubting.

Practice for today: When you have any feeling come over you today that you would rather not have then use the five steps above. They can be used over and over again during the day whether it is after a conversation with a boss or a friend or an awkward situation you are in. Remember that it is the practice that will get you through, and the universe who is pulling a few strings for you also.

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