227: Recognising the Gift

Around the western world Mothers are unwrapping their gifts. A Michael Buble CD, some soap, maybe some toast made with love and a cup of tea with a dash too much milk. As I unwrapped my gift  in unison with all Mothers I could sense what it was, some light and scent, a candle, perfect.

talent 2I recognised my gift as the gift of light. Recognising these external gifts is easy. We can see and touch and feel them but have you all recognised your own gifts?

We are each born with a special gift. If we are lucky when we are young it will be recognised and fostered. If like me we only see our gifts when we are much older we can hide them a little and skirt around them.

We know we have a gift when we perform it. The performance in seamless, it operates without time and it is filled with light and love. When I teach yoga there is no time, and I am the best version of myself, I am happy. I am like a bonfire burning brightly like the candle. The problem with being an adult is we may have a secret inkling as to what our gift is but we stuff it down deep because we are not ready to take the leap of faith into it.

Is your life working for you? Have you acknowledged your gift to the world? What is the best and brightest version of yourself. What are you doing? Are you painting, helping, creating, thinking, listening? You can’t be just anyone you want to be in this world but you  have a great shot at life if you be yourself and live your gift out, whatever that is.

Practice for today: What is your gift to this world? Where do you shine the brightest and are the brightest version of yourself? This is your gift. If you haven’t dedicated your life to it maybe it is time to try.

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