223: Wake Up Call!

Yesterday I was walking down the beach and bumped into an old friend walking his dog. He told me he was planning a  round the world and what had initiated this was the death of two friends. He had had the proverbial wake up call and laughed as he said ‘can’t take it with you’ and off he trotted down the beach.

wake up 3Have you ever had a wake up call? I have, plenty. Deaths, near misses and accidents, moments when your breath stops and you realise that could have been you. I have been in one of New Zealand’s biggest earth quakes and survived while others died. I have had a near drowning experience, lost friends and family, seen  others become ill, get heart attacks or other diseases. But we all have right? And each time we ring the same bell, life is short, have to make the most of life, it’s a good reminder, I need to stop being so xxxxx, I need to start living more.

But we don’t. The memory of the incident fades and we slip back into our routine. Death, accidents and illness happen to other people, not us.

But we know deep down that any moment the phone could ring and our life could change on a dime.

How can we remember this on a day-to-day basis without the heavy-handed reminders of others passing or falling to illness? What would be a good way to not take our life so for granted? To be fully alive for our  family, our partners, each breath we take, our job, our health and our mobility.

We get wake up calls each and every day but we just don’t see the ones that are subtle. Here is a list of my favourite reminders to live life to your fullest each day;

The sun rising

Some beautiful nourishing food, fresh water to drink

Deep breathing

Your child still wanting to hold your hand or kiss you goodnight

A gift from a loved one, some flowers

A garden

Kindness, friends, dreams

These little every day occurrences are a reminder to live each moment fully to your potency.

Practice for today; Pick one of the above or one of your own and each time it happens remind yourself to wake up to your own life. Each day, each breath is a chance to be fully alive. Why not?

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