217: Waiting for the Spiritual

Hot off my Sarah Powers intensive I was all the spiritual gung ho. 5:30 am wakings, meditation, breathing and snorting exercises while in a yin posture. I was on the Autobahn to spiritual enlightenment. Ninety days, she said, would be all it took to form a habit. Well the ninety days passed and I was faithful to Sarah and then I just wasn’t. It just seemed too prescriptive and too forced. I had fallen off the spiritual bandwagon. My name is Gabrielle and it’s been 2 months since I have meditated.

spirtualI was contemplating all this while waiting for my partner to do something geological up a stream in the middle of nowhere. Waiting in the damp was so boring. I wanted to gorge out my third eye with a fork tong. I couldn’t bear it, the minutes turned into an hour and all the listening to the river babble, trying to be at one with the universe and meditating wasn’t helping one bit. If only I had some super spiritual practice then I would be ok. If only I had mediated at 5:30 for a few more months, I’d be OK. If only, if only.

So I sat there for a few more minutes and realised that the spiritual practice is the waiting. The spiritual practice is being ok with being where you are. It is the contemplation. It is the folding of the towels, the taking time with people, the acts of kindness and grocery shopping. It is driving your child around endlessly when you would rather be doing yoga, it is talking on the phone to someone who needs your time, it is baking for your family and cleaning the house. It is tending to the garden, singing and dancing. It is anything and everything that connects you to something that is a bit bigger than your small ‘me only’ vision. Spiritual practice is the thing you do when you don’t want to be doing it.

Practice for today: What is your spiritual practice for today? Is it listening to someone at work tell you what to do or is it sitting quietly waiting for guidance? Name one act that helped connect you to something great within yourself. This is the practice.

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