214: More Yoga Mumbo Jumbo

Still hungry for more Mumbo? Here is the follow on from part one; Helpful Mumbo Jumbo

chakraChakra: Spinning wheel of energy. We have 7 of these vortex in our body. Imagine a stick through your head and out your bottom. On this stick are 7 points where the energy forms a plexus of nerve currents as it spins around the stick.  They are more an energetic notion, however we also associate them with other bits of our body. For eg. The pineal gland in the 3rd eye, the heart, the solar plexis, the pelvis and the base of our spine. Sometimes the chakras get a bit out of control and spin wildly, sometimes they become sluggish and don’t spin. Sometimes they get blocked. A blocked chakra is like having a blocked nose, you just can’t breath properly into that area and it leads to all sorts of other drama in your life. For eg if you have a blocked heart chakra ( 4th) you may feel defensive, critical, controlling,withdrawn, possessive and afraid of letting go. If it is balanced you feel able to accept life as it is. Now if you do feel one of your chakras is blocked you can’t go to the doctor and ask for something to unblock it. You just need to do some more yoga which will clear you out. You can do a chakra test online to find out what your problems are in case you don’t know already. http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php

Prana: Energy or life force. We all have prana, in  some of us it flows well especially if our chakras are in alignment as above. Prana flows through our body along the lines of energy sometimes referred to as Meridians. This life force or prana is also floating around in the universe. Prana is also considered to be our breath. It literally means ‘to bring forth’.Inside our body are inner winds. Some of these inner winds move upwards and some downwards. We want to control our energy in our body by regulating the flow of prana. When we regulate the flow of energy we can become more balanced in our life. Some of us are a bit windy right? Some of us are a bit deflated. Yoga can balance these internal winds so nothing blows out of you too much.

Pranayama: Regulating the breath. If your breath is quiet then your mind will be still. We can practice breathing exercises to still the mind and balance the body. Some of them get me a bit excited though so it is best to choose what suits your personality for the day. I like to do single nostril breathing. If you want a bit more fire try something like Lion’s breath. Kneel down, breath in through your nose open your mouth and poke your tongue out with a big loud roaring exhale. Best to do this in the privacy of your own home. There are hundreds of others to try.

Meridian: Channels that conduct energy throughout your body. Each of these highways are associated with particular organs.  If blockages occur the organs will not function properly and an imbalance will arise. If you have been drinking alcohol then you might need to work on your liver meridian. You can do pigeon pose for this.

Mantra: Sacred word or syllable. Mantras are used as mind-tools to control the mind. You can make up your own if you like. If someone is really stressing you out say to yourself on the in breath ‘I am” and on the out breath, ‘ really relaxed’. You can use the word Ommm as well. You can say them internally or externally. If you say them out loud the person who is stressing you will leave anyway. If you like you can use them when you meditate as an anchor for your busy mind. It helps chase away the repeated thoughts of the monkey mind and return you to your calm state.

Practice for today: Investigate something that seems a little way out for you. By opening your mind to new ideas and theory we can become accepting of those around us.

Here is a video with a nice example of Lions breath. Enjoy yoga, Enjoy life!

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