211: Informal Practice

What to do when your life is so busy, so….. you know, Yang like. All muscle and pushing. How can you practice yoga and life when you don’t have time?

Here are some key elements to slip into your day to help you to remember to be human.

the pose begins1) Life is not about survival, actually it’s about growth, change, discovery and learning. Slip into a book shop at lunch time and charge to the human development, self development section. Scan the psychology, yoga and Buddhist magazines. Choose one that speaks to you. Read it. Devour it and all it’s cellulose before dinner. Choose one thing that rings true for you. Ponder it and how it applies to your life. Over dinner have a discussion about what you have learnt.

2) Slow down. The best time to go slowly is when you are rushing. It’s quite a fascinating practice. When you are driving quickly, eating quickly, exercising quickly, slow down by at least 20%. Take the challenge and see what happens to you.

3) Step out of your personal melodrama. Something that you have on slow bake that’s been stewing. Hanging onto something, working it over and over is drama. Still working with it long after the problem has passed has moved into melodrama. You don’t need to  erase what happened just try to step back a little from your emotional connection to it. The best informal practice for this is to find someone to make you laugh.

4) Be an observer in your own library of life. Something well get to you sometime. Someone will say something irritating or something will happen to really get your heckles up. Instead of opting for the lead role in this piece just go for a bit part. Watch the drama unfold as a keen observer. Detach.

5) Say yes. Say yes to something that you wouldn’t normally say yes to. Pole dancing or acro-yoga any one? When we say yes we step into life. When we say yes we participate, communicate and engage with each other.

6) Be generous. Be generous to yourself ( yes it’s OK to have a massage, take time out, eat that extra cake.) Be generous to others. Think time not gifts. Listening not talking. Giving not taking.

7) Don’t give up so easily. The pose begins as soon as you want to get out. Feel the urge to step out, stare it straight in the eye and watch it dissolve.

Practice for today: Yoga is a not a practice of living your life by  commandments.  It is more about wearing the  guidelines of good and generous living as often as you can. There is not much point in the opposite. Slip in a practice like the above especially when you feel overwhelmed, overworked and under loved or under-appreciated. Sit back and watch what boomerang effect this has.

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