209: A quick guide to being one with Universe

I remember when I was around 25 driving to my birthday party. The night was balmy we had an old Citroen car, good friends, the wind in our hair. The classic coming of age driving scene. I remember this strange thought that had come over me, I would be happy to die right now. I felt so in touch with everything, my good company, the infectious evening and the joy about to ensue. At that moment there really seemed to be no separation between myself and everything/one else.

universe 3We have all had these brief spells of connection. I thought about this as I stared at the moon coming over the water this morning. Again I could feel this inkling of it just being a show down, the moon and I nothing else, but everything together. Sometimes we feel it in an intellectual way when we pause like this, or when we meditate. Some of us grasp the warmth of this when we are doing something that we are really engaged in.

When you are at one with the universe it is almost as if you are a conduit for all life. It is a sense that something is working through you. Maybe you have had this teaching yoga or doing your hobby. We step a little out of the ‘me’ one and only. The great classic analogy in yoga is the sea. If you look at a wave it appears to be a single unit, separated from the sea but then you see that it is connected to the ocean and the wave emanates from the water below. It is the ocean and the ocean is the wave. There is no disconnect. This connection of energy is the same within us. Although most of our life we try to maintain a sense of individuality we are in fact part of the great ocean of energy.   Because we can’t see this portion of our life we must use faith to believe or intuit it.

There is a lovely guided meditation called Jyoti which can help you sense this connection with everything around you.

Practice for today: When we truly feel connected and one with the world around us we become the most beautiful version of ourselves. We are kinder, more loving and we do things to serve others. Take some time out to try the meditation or to revel in some stillness and reflection. See what arises.

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