210: Destiny’s Child

I wanted to share how I got into teaching yoga. I was working at a gym and one of the bosses asked me if I  would you like to teach group fitness. I said OK, ( I say OK to everything) and then went into a slight panic wondering what I had agreed to. I spent the next few years teaching a form of yoga to music, it was all cued and the moves were  timed to the last second. It was quite robotic but I loved it. Then the gym decided they weren’t going to do that anymore. I was pretty upset as I had just finished my training and was now qualified. From hindsight I could say this was the first wee nudge from the universe to get up and start walking down a different road. But no! I wanted to go for the number two penultimate fall out first.

destiny 3There were auditions with another bigger gym. We had to get on stage and we were assessed. I practiced and practiced until I was perfect. I thought I was alright. I had done the work and my heart was set on it. I turned up and did a perfect performance but didn’t get in. The woman told me something about my face looked painful. I crumbled. It was too much. I was humiliated and rejected. Jackpot! So two rejections later I found myself teaching yoga for a corporate group.

Of course at the time no one can see how these painful rejections are energetic wake up calls to guide you to where you should rightly be. Like a mother cat carrying its kitten and putting it down in the right spot we are given these wee shoves all the time. Except we go grudgingly, not with free will,  to the next stage. We think that if we can hang on to what we have or are doing now that that is the right way.

If I trace back over my life I can map out all my grand dumpings and all my heart rendering rejections as a compass needle slowly turning to true north. One by one they have piled on top of themselves clamoring for attention saying ‘look for goodness sake, over here, this way’. Every message I preferred to ignore.

Practice for today: Every rejection, every big disappointment can be a a wake up call to look forward to a new door opening. Each one is personal to you. Each one has a reason.We can’t join the dots looking forward as Steve Jobs pointed out when he was fired from his own company. If you float in the sea like seaweed taking them as they come then your resilience will grow stronger and your path will become clearer. Be destiny’s child and let yourself be carried.

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