206: She’s giving me Good Vibrations

Teaching yoga has helped me become more aware of energy. When I walk into a class I can detect the ‘energy’ of the room. It could be bright and buzzing or more low key. There could be spots of brilliance or mats of heavy despair. Sometimes there is lightness and joy, sometimes I feel others’ introspective sadness. People vibrate energy. They vibrate love, willingness and lightness or heaviness, dullness and resistance.

sunflowersScientists have proven that we are not just our skin. We project an energy around us and this energy connects us to everything else. I’m sure you have felt this also. Some people you are drawn to, some people make you feel dull. We rub our energy off on each other. Sometimes you feel it in a handshake or a glance, sometimes you can feel in when you enter a room. Those people who are light and vibrating at a higher frequency become magnets to others. They draw people in with their openness, authenticity and acceptance. Some people feel more like energy vampires who draw your energy downwards.

If you have ever done yoga you will also feel this energy most strongly at two points. Once when we chant Auhmmm. This outward vibrational chant has positive physiological effects as it slows our heart rate and regulates our breathing. The second time it becomes really noticeable is at the end of class. Everyone is sitting in a soup of uplifted vibrational energy. Anything seems possible. When we operate at this higher frequency we become the best version of ourselves. And this feels really good. Have you noticed when you are having a good day everyone seems to be up also? The energy we put out is the energy we attract.

We can lift our frequency in a number of ways. Chanting mantra, deep slow breathing, slowing ourselves down, being compassionate towards others or surrounding ourselves by people who bring us up a level. Some foods also resonate at a higher level mainly those grown close to the sun such as  tree fruit, and deep green veges which use the sun to make chlorophyll.

Practice for today: Contemplate that you may have an aura or outward manifestation of your inward energy. How do you want to show up in this world today and the next day? Do you want to be in charge of your energetic projection so you can help others be lifted up also? Notice what or who in your life contracts your feelings of energy and the events or people that lift you up. Surround yourself by the later and the world will definitely be a brighter place, like the sun.

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