203: Some things to remember on Waking

Have you ever had that feeling when you wake up and you feel OK for a second and then reality sets in? Maybe with a sigh you get out of bed, slightly disillusioned for what you feel might be another day of going no-where.

Here are some things to put in your pocket to bring more of a spring to your step.

joyToday might be the day you look in the mirror and say to yourself OMG how did I get to be this old?  You seem to have aged overnight and simultaneously put on 20 pounds while you slept. Also some animal has come in the night and messed with your hair.

Consider this…….. Do you feel older in your spirit or do you still have that sense of gay abandon lurking behind the surface. This is your unchanging nature. This is your TRUE self. Your true self is not affected by time or fat or wrinkles. Your true self can reflect back to you some wisdom though. How would it work for you today to try to get in touch with that teenage, child or young adult feeling of bountifulness?

Today might be the day you think that you have too many problems to face the day. Life is difficult and you want to run and hide under the covers until spring.

Consider this……..The poem by Pablo Neruda. You can pick all the flowers you want but you can’t stop the spring. Yes there are hard times, yes you may feel down, yes you may have difficulties but these are all changing day by day. Spring WILL come whether you think so or not. Try to be patient and accept that this is how things are now,  but not for long

Today might be the  day you wake up and feel disappointed with yourself. You may be disappointed that all the spiritual or otherwise practice you are doing is not changing you one iota. You still feel like a fool/ shameful/ guilty/ inadequate/ x. You  still feel  the same as you did yesterday.

Consider this……….Life is a process of development and refinement. Life is not about obtaining a perfect state within you, rather it is accepting all these states within you. Greet all the imperfections as friends, say to yourself ‘this too’ . Don’t view yourself as a dangerous neighborhood that you don’t want to venture in to. See it as a place to start building from. Liberation exists amongst all your stuff, whatever that is. The point is to be yourself, stuff and all.

Practice for Today: The thoughts and feelings you have about yourself are just that, thoughts and feelings. They are not real. They are not a reflection of who you really are. Find a tangible way to step outside all of the above so you can step into something a lot more powerful.

4 Comments on “203: Some things to remember on Waking

  1. Oh so true….Thank you for being inspirational in this complex world of ours!

  2. “Try to be patient and accept that this is how things are now, but not for long.”

    This comes with sadness when things are how they are now… and I trust it doesn’t remain always like this. It’s the way it is for the moment. And soon it passes.

    But it also helps to acknowledge the sadness. Most of us try to hide it, mask behind a smile that can probably cause more tension in our jaws because it’s not real. Oooohh… wrinkles!! 😉 I was once told: “Fake it til you make it”. I can not for the life of me grasp this phrase!
    Your key word is “accept”. Such a complex thing. So instead of masking, let us open ourselves to the sadness. Grieve it need be. The feeling may not be who we are, but it is a part of us at present. And only when we are present can we free ourselves from all other parts that weigh us down… so the real us spring forth.

    I babbled… I’m sorry, Gabrielle. I sooo need to tell these words to myself!
    Thank you and Namaste! =)

  3. no not babble at all I am glad you bought it up
    I am going to write a post on this tomorrow about walking into your troubles so it’s great timing. And it’s so lovely to get feedback.
    Best to you and your lovely practice

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