200: I am bored, I am boring

The Ashtanga system of yoga is quite exact. It is divided into different series and each series has particular poses. You practice the same series for maybe years until you are considered able enough to move to the next level. Like a ballet dancer learning their moves or a pianist practicing scales the movements are repeated over and over and over again.

boredOn my teacher training course we were told that if you get bored with teaching the same routine over and over again it is not the routine that is the problem but you. Furthermore if we feel anything in a pose it is not the pose that is to blame it is you. If we feel annoyed, it’s us not the pose, if we feel frustrated we can’t do something, again that’s us and if we get irritated with the teacher then again it’s not the teacher who has the problem. All our feelings from boredom to frustration stem from within us except it is a lot easier to blame something external for our dissatisfaction. Which would have been a handy thing to remember when I accused my partner of being boring last night when he refused ( yes!) to do my latest yoga pose with me. In the light of day it was me that  was bored not him.

A student ran up to me yesterday and said, I’m so bored I want some action, some change, some excitement. It seems that boredom hits us all and the first thing we do is look for a bit of flashy-ness out side. This is where the problems can begin.

Here are some things that I want to embody into my practice this week.

Can I get up and be with the same person day after day after day without wanting him to entertain me or be different or chase away my boredom?

Can I practice the same poses or teach the same poses again and again and look to new ways to enliven them without changing the routine?

Can I bring some curiosity to dishes, cleaning, routine so I can  still feel content?

Can I walk the same path, drive the same roads, eat the same food and still feel complete without looking for more?

Practice for today: When we feel dissatisfaction with our lives it’s not our lives that are wrong or bad it’s our attitude towards them. Can you look at your boredom, frustration, listlessness as a signal that there is something inside of you that needs attention, not something outside of you that needs to be brought in?


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