198: Hurry up and slow Down

pause 2Winter is the Kapha season, in Ayurveda this is measured in slowness, conservation of energy and consumption of lots of fats and probably red wine. It is the time to slow down, pause and note the world of nature curling up its toes for the great sleep after months of fecundity. Nature knows best and as the Ayurveda idiom beckons us ‘like attracts like’ we too should naturally slow down. Except we don’t. We haven’t  even noticed it is now winter because we are too busy rushing. My partner in his hurry to leave the house also left his beautiful home made lunch. Taking  time to pause helps us remember a  few things.

We may also find in the winter season that we become, sluggish, heavy, depressed and lethargic. This is nature telling us it is time to pause. When we pause we remember to breath. When we breath we kick start the parasympathetic nervous system which relaxes us. When we are relaxed we step out of reactivity. When we step out of reactivity we make clearer choices about our words, our actions and our deeds. Here are a list of ways you can mark off your day in a remberance to the great comma of nature, winter.

Pause and breath and feel the effects;

  • Before your first bite of your meal and also somewhere in between, especially if you tend to eat quickly.
  • Pause at the top of your inhale and the bottom of your exhale to remember to create space in your day.
  • Pause to say good bye to your family when you leave the house.
  • When you turn your computer on shut your eyes and wait for it to boot, take some long deep breaths.
  • Pause between some yoga poses to feel the effects of energy in your body rather than rushing to the next pose.
  • Pause before you send an email that is difficult
  • Wait a while before you answer someone rather than rush in to get you say, especially if what they say aggravates you.

Practice for today: Make your day a series of commas and full stops. Take time to drink in what is happening in the moment rather than tumbling to the next.



2 Comments on “198: Hurry up and slow Down

  1. Merci Gaby for a wonderful class today! Sorry we arrived a bit late…Slowing down was just what I needed! I love reading your posts everyday. See you soon hugs xx Cathy

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