194: Life is just a Breathing exercise with Love

breatheWhen I’m teaching I try to nourish and encourage students with my words. I have compiled a list of my favourite sayings during yoga class but really they are about living your life well. You can substitute the word practice/yoga/pose with the word life/problem/situation/partner. Enjoy and happy weekend.

Attitudes to your practice;

Treat your practice with love. You don’t want to force it, just let it unfold naturally.

This practice is  just a breathing exercise.

Change your perspective to the pose and you change everything

While in a difficult pose;

Don’t panic, it will soon pass.

You don’t need to add more suffering to it.

Be kind to yourself, what is it you need right now to bring some ease?

On wanting to get out of a difficult situation;

The pose begins as soon as you want out

Are you really committed to this pose or only half committed? Treat this pose like a relationship.

What you want and what you need are two different things.

On comparing yourself to others;

Don’t try to compare yourself with others, this practice is for you.

Don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes, there is nothing interesting at the end of your feet.

On being authentic;

Don’t try to be anything other than what you are and be that the best you can

Everything you need is within you now, you just can’t always see it

On hurrying;

What’s your hurry to get to the next pose? Where are you even going?

Try not to rush to the next pose, it may not be as good as the one you are in

On Breathing;

If you are unable to breathe properly in this pose you need to pull back a notch

When you remember your connection to your breath you remember your connection to the present

Practice for today;  In yoga we try to practice with ease. We try to take out the struggle and soften when things get difficult. We are encouraged to be ourselves and step out of judgement especially of ourselves. We are reminded to pull back if we are struggling and be kind to ourselves. Today treat your practice/life with love.

6 Comments on “194: Life is just a Breathing exercise with Love

  1. This is simply wonderful!! And great tip! I’ve always been a quotes hoarder… but to actually change the word makes all the difference.
    Thank you for this, Gabrielle. Namaste! =)

    • Oh… and I bear the same tattoo on my left wrist. Three words tho. You can see it on my page. =)

  2. just went and looked, beautiful, breathe believe become, it’s stunning, wish I had the guts to get one also

    • You’re funny. And sweet. Thank you. =)
      When you really want something, you simply do it. Guts..?? Synonymous to courage. We practice yoga to learn and teach our hearts be courageous, no? Overcoming the fear sets us free… even when it’s only ink.

      And I know you know this. 😉

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