193: Saturday Santosha

Here in New Zealand everyone is scrambling for their Saturday bundles of joy, the lotto ticket. Most of us get them in the hope that when we do win we are going to be really happy. And we probably will be for at least a day, I’m sure. Except after the big draw and you haven’t won, do you still feel content?

contentment 3Santosha means contentment. It’s such a lovely word, all lotus and Lilly pad like. It’s meaning is a peaceful like happiness regardless of external conditions, ie if you have won lotto or not. It means you are contented with what you have at this moment. So how can we practice this very subtle form of contentment in our daily life? Here are some mantras for daily living to help you through the bad times and good, and to remind you that your life is filled with lotus like contentment if you remember to look.

Mantra one:

It is what it is……..

When things in your life become difficult, when people challenge or hurt you, when you put on weight or lose it, when you don’t go to yoga or go three times, when you can’ t do a pose or have a bad day. It is what it is.

Mantra two:

I’m ok with it:

When work piles up, when someone forgets to thank you, with my funny teeth, when someone forgets your birthday, when it rains. I’m ok with it.

Mantra three:

I am very privileged/fortunate/blessed

To have you in my life, to have good food and a warm bed at night, to have friends and choice. To have water to drink, to be human, to be loved. I am blessed. Nothing is lacking in my life.

I fell, I made a mistake, I failed, I have no idea what I am doing. I grew, I succeeded, I passed. These are all life’s ups and downs. Can you be equally content with love and loss? The practice of Santosha is so silent. It asks that you bridge the gap between what you have and what you think you  don’t have and be equally happy anywhere on this Cline.

Practice for today: If you are just learning this practice start practicing contentment with the small fluffy cute things and then work your way up to the more difficult things. Santosha is a practice of remembering. Contentment is everywhere when we remember to look.

2 Comments on “193: Saturday Santosha

  1. “Can you be equally content with love and loss?”
    … and then I don’t know what to say after that. Heart feels heavy… but hank you again, Gabrielle.

  2. ………..We don’t always have to like the feelings we have but we can be ok with them accepting them all into us, just like I’m sure you can:)

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