191: In A Bit of a Bind

bound 3Today in class we did binding. Binding is where you wrap your arms around your body limbs and try to grab your hands. They are tight, constricted, contracted. It can be difficult to breathe freely, it can feel really constrained, in short they are difficult to execute and even more difficult to find ease in. When you are bound you are really glued to your own situation.

Sometimes in our life we find ourselves in the same difficult bound situations. The ones that won’t shift, the ones that are a little difficult and contracted, the ones that make you want to run for the hills. When we face these restrictions or problems in our life we have a choice. We can run  or we can enter into the bind and explore it a bit more.

Turning towards our problems, our fears, the things that bind us is a step forwards in becoming more authentic. When we face what binds or contracts us we usually find that most of the fear or worry has already been, the dragon we fear the most has already turned and walked away and what we are now fearing is something else, maybe its a feeling of being rejected or maybe we feel we might fail. If we examine our fears and worries about difficult situations instead of turning away from them we might learn that the problem is something else entirely.

Here is an example. Maybe you have a person at work who you think is treating you unfairly. Maybe they put you down a little, or they say things that really hurt you. Instead of going into the bind for fear of being rejected or hurt you say nothing. When you are around this person you act differently, maybe you are more guarded. If you were to think about it though, that person has already shamed or rejected you, so saying something to them is not going to bring more shame or rejection, this has already happened. Speaking your truth has the opposite effect.

When you speak your truth or express your values you come out of the bind. The blood rushes through your body and quite literally nourishes all your cracks or spaces. You move away from being contracted and forced to being more open and free to be yourself. Turning to what is difficult is therefore freeing. Walking away from what is difficult will eat your insides up.

Practice for today: Life is a series of binds and releasing. The things that bind us are not always what we think. By examining what is difficult in our life we can create a better sense of freedom. Today have a closer look at what binds you and move towards it rather than away. Await the release, which will inevitably come.

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