186: 5 ways to Love like a Yogi

love 1When I saw this photo of ‘love’ of a man for his fiance I wondered if that was a definition of love? He had a dress with 9,999 roses sewen onto it before he proposed. I’m not sure if a serious yoga practitioner would do this? I think loving like a yogi is more subtle. I love yoga, I love practicing it, I loved my first teacher. Love love love. Here are my lessons from along the way that have taught me how to love like a yogi.

1) The person you dislike the most is a reflection of you. The reason you dislike them is that they have held a mirror up to you and in a subtle way reflected a part of you that you don’t want to acknowledge. Once we understand this connection we can begin to understand the shadow sides of ourselves. When we ignite these within us or acknowledge them we can move to dislodging the parts of us that stop us from loving more fully. We can’t love fully if a part of us is blocked. What behaviors of that person are somehow part of you? The yogis say if we can not hold everyone in our heart, and that’s everyone, then we cannot fully love.

2) If you have some knots in your relationship it is possible that these are the knots within you. Is there a part of you that you don’t fully trust or love? Do you have self-doubt? Do you not love yourself fully? If you don’t love yourself fully, again, you are unable to love others fully. Instead you may turn to love to complete yourself, the holes or cracks. Your deep unconditional love for yourself, no matter who you are is the basis for all great love stories.

3) Love and Fear. We operate in either two modes love or fear. They are polar opposites but also so close sometimes it is hard to tell one from the other. When we fight with a loved one it is usually fear. Fear that your needs won’t be met. When you love someone fully in that moment it is a feeling that your needs are being fully met. Where you place your arguments are where your greatest fears lie.

4) There is enough. There is enough love to go around. There is plenty. However! If you don’t show love first it won’t come to you. Every great love in this  world comes from a deep love that resides within us. This is our love energy and we have plenty. Often though we forget this natural state of abundance and don’t share. Love others first and see what happens. Love others like you want to be loved and watch the dance of reciprocity.

5) Everything starts with an attitude. If your attitude is not aligned with what you want to receive you may need to tune your channel a little more to the right bandwidth to receive love. Love is expansion and expansive. If you feel yourself contracting then you will reject exactly what it is you need. My behaviour is the worst when I want the most love, it is repelling. Soften and expand your attitude to those around you and you will find plenty of love coming you way.

Practice for today: Love is subtle and it is energy. There is enough for everyone. We can love whoever comes our way in equal quantities. We can love more than one thing, one person. Today let your practice be one of expansion. When you feel the claws of contraction grab you by the heart or belly, see if you can look at yourself and expand from that space like a hot air balloon.


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