183: Some Random thoughts on Thoughts

think positiveToday I had some bad thoughts about my partner. He had taken not one, but two sets of car keys to work with him and he didn’t even have the car. I discovered this not long before I had to drive off and teach a yoga class. Just so readers are aware, yoga teachers (me) do get peed off with people. Over my years of teaching I have learnt some useful things about thoughts that help me in my darker moments.

  • You move towards your most dominant thought. So, for E.G. you think ‘I want coffee’. Next thing you know it you are standing in a coffee queue. We don’t fight or ague with these thoughts but blindly follow them like a dog on a lead. I guess then we could work the opposite, make our thoughts work for us. If we became more skilled at choosing our dominant thoughts then we could get a lot further than the coffee queue.


  • It’s been touted we have 60, 000 thoughts a day. I’m not sure who counted them but I guess that person would have had double the amount that day what with all the counting. The frightening thing is that about 90% of them are the same ones we had yesterday. Our thoughts, like us, are creatures of habit and highly UN-original. If you are suffering from re-occurring thought syndrome break out and start labeling the repeat offenders. If you used something like the 7 dwarf’s names you could then track which of the dwarfs ( grumpy, bossy etc) was the CEO for the day.


  • People that talk out loud are not crazy, they are just verbalising their mind stream. I guess we think they are crazy because it all sounds like rubbish when you say it out loud. Try saying your thoughts our loud and see what you think.


  • We don’t actually choose our thoughts, they just appear. Evolution has made us very good at believing our thoughts though. That’s interesting isn’t it? We believe something about ourselves that we didn’t even choose in the first place.


  • When we believe a thought about ourselves let’s say it’s ‘I’m a loser/fat/ clumsy/ stupid’ then we ‘water’ that thought, just like watering a seed.  The thoughts then become either weeds ( bad thoughts) or flowers ( good thoughts). If you keep watering the bad ones your will end up with a garden of weeds and it will take you a long time to make it look nice again.

Practice for today: Water the good seeds. Where would you be with a mind full of beautiful blooms?


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