182: Desperately seeking Someone

I have always thought that when things happen easily they were meant to.  A little slice of serendipity or some miracle molecules can coat you in good things when you weren’t even trying yet alone looking. However when your are really desperate  for something to happen in your life, some change, some kind of miracle nothing seems to happen at all.

miriclesWhen we want something in this world, something more than anything, we tend to go at it from an ‘outcome’ perspective. We tend to be very focused on what we lack or don’t have. So our natural left brain game plan is to try to get what it is we lack. I know this first hand. After losing my first yoga teacher* I have spent the greater part of two years looking for a replacement. You could insert anything here* of course, job, baby, girlfriend. I have tried in vain to replace that person. I have spent hours trying to do it. Weeks of my life. I have had to console myself, buoy myself, cheer myself to keep going. Guess what? Still no replacement, I’m too desperate it would seem. If I were truly honest I would admit the reason I seek so desperately is that I feel a lack of my own talent, grace, power, knowledge to be any good without this person in my life

Well the Universe has a way about it and it’s quite simple yet profound. It will provide you what you want under two conditions.

1) You are patient, relax and trust that what it is you want will come to you at the right time.

2) You lose the desperation and drop into a more neutral space. This is the space of the heart. This is the knowing, trusting, intuitive place that we trample over to get to the outcome. When you set your intention quietly with grace not greed and place it in this safe keeping box things will start to change for you.

Here is an example. Everyday for 365 days I have vowed to write this blog. The days when nothing comes and I panic and start searching and getting desperate are the worse. However the best blogs that come naturally and easily are when I surrender to this desperation and honestly just wait. Somehow something always presents itself.

Practice for today: You can make whatever you want of your life, or whatever you want come into your life. If the thing you want is for the greater good and not from a place of scarcity then it will find you when it is ready. Start today by setting a gentle intention to harness the change. Then sit down in your big sofa and wait for the universe to catch up with you.

2 Comments on “182: Desperately seeking Someone

  1. My mind is spinning again apparently… for another spin-off!! 😉

    May I simply thank you, and the others here on WordPress for inspiring me to write? I have lots to say, lots of mumbled-jumbled words. But I get easily confused. And disarrayed. Guess what I’m saying is… it is often good to keep spinning… because when we pause, we then realize whether we have the balance or not.
    Namaste. =)

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