180:Depreciate or Appreciate?

flowerI’m not sure if it’s the dreary winter or the amount of housework that I seem to be doing but somehow I have lost that feeling that I’m appreciated. Like wise I’m not sure if I appreciate anything. Taking things for granted and being taken for granted are  a sign that you or your loved ones have gone to sleep a little.

I want to be appreciated, I really do. The first step to getting what you want though is starting with yourself. Sometimes  I curse doing yoga, it always starts with yourself. It would seem for me to be more appreciated and less taken for granted I will have to do some training in appreciation myself. I’m going to have to wake up and smell the roses. Not only smell them I have to notice them first, then I have to find joy in them. It’s going to be a busy day.

Here is a summary of how to appreciate things more;

1) At some point in your day you need to notice something with an element of surprise, rather like a child would notice hail or rain and jump right in. This is OK for genuinely surprising things but you need to find surprise in the mundane, the annoying and the beautiful. You can only find surprise when you are awake and aware as to what is going on around you. You will find surprise when you look at detail or when you pause.

2) When you feel surprise towards some event or person you can then cultivate a feeling of joy towards that person or event. When you feel joy towards a person or event you are now not only alive but you are feeling something in present time.  You can’t be asleep if you are present to the moment.

3) If you feel joy towards someone or something it is easier to cultivate appreciation for them and that of course becomes gratitude ( thankfulness).

4) When you feel appreciation towards something in your life it means you have woken up, you are aware of what is happening around you, you are present.

Practice for today: Start tonight. Run an inventory over your day. Was there a moment you paused to feel awake? Did the mere fact you were alive to the present moment surprise you in any way? Did you linger with that to feel the joy of the moment or did you move on? Can you translate your joy to appreciation. With this appreciation can you now show gratitude?

If you want more info or inspiration on gratefulness these ideas were taken from the site  gratefulness.org

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