177: Your Worthiness

Today in class I concentrated on heart opening poses. All those poses that lift the chest upwards and outwards. The feeling of really opening your chest is quite liberating. It feels like a freeing of knots and ties that we cultivate around our heart area. When you chest is open and buoyant you can feel more receptive. The physical process of opening your heart space is also like loving someone, a process not a feeling. When you are really lit up from the inside out you feel more open, more willing and definitely more worthy.

worthinessIf you want to live your life with your heart wide open and be truly loved then you must meet the first condition and it is this; You must feel worthy of love and affection. This also has a side clause and that is, right now, not tomorrow or when things have changed. Not when you lose weight or get that job or please someone. Feeling worthy is a feeling that comes when you accept yourself for who you are bumps and all. To feel worthy we don’t need to perform a task to please someone else or we don’t need to act like we think someone wants us to act.

When I first started teaching yoga I taught like the last best teacher I had. I could copy anyone. I could be Baron Baptiste, I could be Seane Corne, hey I could probably even be Bikram if I wanted. Why? Well I simply had come to the conclusion a good yoga teacher was not actually me. It was someone else. Not worthy. Compliments I would dodge. If someone enjoyed my class then I thought that’s nice, but you’re just being nice.

We have all created our own versions of unworthiness. Some high bar that we can’t quite jump over. We cling to this as well because being yourself seems too frightening. What if you get rejected? What if someone laughs at you? What if you can’t do what you thought you could? Doubt in yourself is worthiness’s evil cousin.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”   Gautama Buddha

Yes that’s you, right now, as you are.

Practice for today: If you do Asana practice a heart opening pose such as supported fish. Let your chest be a stained glass window of light in and out. Fill your heart with worthiness and let the sun shine out.

Inspiration from Brene Brown

One Comment on “177: Your Worthiness

  1. I’m a huge Brene Brown fan, she’s fantastic. I love the stained glass window analogy too, great post 🙂

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