174: Shifting Ground

shifting sandWhat started off as a small task of vacuuming behind a bed ended up as a mammoth shifting of all the furniture in the room and then a spring clean. I like the change and freshness of moving things about and the new perspective it brings.

Nature knows about shifting. It understands that for the earth to remain stable every so often it’s got to give things a good shake up as it moves its mass under the surface. Trees shift if the wind comes, they bow to the forces  and this pliancy is a good reminder for humans. Wouldn’t it be great then, if we could shift our stance as easily as nature or  furniture? This is where some of us become rather rigid.

It seems we have certain needs and we want them met. When we have our needs met we feel life is good. We feel in control.We seek shelter, food and warmth, we want to be safe and belong to a group, we desire  to learn more about this world. We want to be loved.

The process of loving or receiving love is the biggest shifting ground we should find ourselves on. Why then do we insist on stomping our foot down to get what we need, instead of considering the needs of others?

Here are some little ways I forgot to dance with nature this week.

  • That’s my bit of toast.  ( does it really matter?)
  • I want to go on holiday in November not April ( I don’t think it will matter when we go actually)
  • I don’t think so ( My opinion is correct, yours isn’t)
  • I’m not doing it ( Oh stubbornness here,….. no reason)
  • No I don’t think so ( multitude of uses)

Practice for today:  To shift is to hear the needs of others while taking care of yourself. It doesn’t take much effort to find middle ground. Stepping to one side is not giving in. It’s a gracious wisdom move that helps us all become a little less rigid.


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