169: A Fine Romance

waterfallI’m not sure how long I have been going out with my mind, maybe around 45 years or so. It hasn’t been so much of a hot date, more of a blind date for that whole time. We don’t get on that well most of the time, it often feels like our relationship is twenty bad marriages rolled into one. So I find it quite annoying how it gets on much better with the lady at the check out than it does with me.

We often think about how we get on with other people and it would appear that on the whole it’s much easier to get on with those around us than it is to get on with ourselves. The thought producing machine otherwise known as our mind is, to be blunt, a discursive, interrupting, analytical weapon that we can use against ourselves at a moment’s notice. It’s like an unwanted guest that we ask to dinner and drinks and before we know it, it is in our bed kicking and punching us in our sleep.

And it is the master of talking, not listening. If you dare enter into relationship with one of it’s thoughts it will take over the whole conversation, it’s monologue can range from the entertaining to the spiteful, all directed at you.

So how can we have a better relationship with our thoughts? How can we move away from the feeling of being imprisoned in a relationship that gives nothing but takes all? We can do this by developing the technique of awareness to our thoughts.

Awareness is knowing you are thinking but it is also the process of examining a little more deeply what a thought actually is. Technically speaking a thought is just energy that arises in us. When we see our thoughts  as something arising within us like a wave this puts us more on an equal footing with them. We can start to see that the thought is not actually ourselves. Being aware of our thoughts is the process of becoming slightly detached from our energetic messages so we no longer analyse, critique, comment, judge or beat up on ourselves.

When we enter into this relationship with our thoughts it is a radical act of self love.  We realise we are not, stupid, scared, unable, weak, hurt, wounded. We see in some ways there is nothing to see and that what we think can wash over us like a waterfall. When we stop believing in our thoughts we start to learn we are none of the things we think we are.

Practice for today: The waterfall of your thoughts is  sound and energy only and you can have a beautiful relationship with it. Today choose to bring awareness to the thoughts that you are not in a good relationship with. If you stare at them hard enough you will see their translucency and just like the waterfall you can watch them pass by.

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